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05-Jul-2017 04:59

The first-year lawmaker and Black woman is one of the many women of color who notched historic wins on Election Day 2016. You better believe I do, and I have the record to prove that,” Demings said on the House floor.

“But the spirit, the spirit of HR 3697, with this broad new definition of what constitutes a gang, has nothing—based on my experience on the ground—has nothing to do with curtailing gang activity.” Demings declared there was “no way” she could vote for a measure that “targets a group of people based on their status and does not target criminal activity.” “That’s what law enforcement officers do,” she said.

HR 3697’s expanded definition of “criminal gang” under federal immigration law would include any five people who happen to gather and commit a wide range of offenses, from marijuana possession—legal in Lofgren’s home state—to providing sanctuary for undocumented immigrants, as religious institutions have historically done and continue to do under the Trump administration.

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It shifts the burden to individuals to prove they did not know they were affiliated with a gang that committed qualifying offenses, even though proving such a negative is often impossible. Immigrant rights advocates are concerned that local law enforcement can and do enter individuals into their state’s gang database for subjective reasons, based on tattoos, styles of dress, and whether they were in a known gang area—all of which equates to profiling youth of color who live in heavily policed areas, as Rewire reported in January.Saenz characterized it as “keeping with the very worst traditions of nativist lawmaking, falling in line with immigrant stereotyping in congressional enactments of a century ago.” Nativist lawmaking is at a high point in the House with pending bills pushed by anti-immigrant hate groups. I’ve heard that many, many times in cases I’ve worked,” Martinez said.Democrats Who Voted for HR 3697 Eleven Democrats voted for the so-called Criminal Alien Gang Member Removal Act. “Whenever you get arrested and processed, they check you for tattoos.Thus, the standard for termination of a guardianship established by consent shifts the burden to the guardian to prove by clear and convincing evidence “that substitution or supplementation of parental care and supervision” is “necessary to provide for the essential physical and safety needs of the minor” and that terminating the guardianship will “adversely affect the minor's psychological well-being.” The New Hampshire Legislature recently updated the guardianship statute to implement a new standard for termination of a guardianship if the guardian is the grandparent of the child.

Effective January 1, 2018, the statute provides that if guardianship over a child was granted to a grandparent as the result of the parent's substance abuse or dependence, the standard for termination of the guardianship is: the burden of proof shall be on the parent to demonstrate by a preponderance of the evidence that substitution or supplementation of parental care and supervision is no longer necessary to provide for the essential physical and safety needs of the minor and termination of the guardianship will not adversely affect the minor's psychological well-being.

This bill will promote widespread racial profiling, it’ll violate First Amendment protections, it will expand mandatory detention of immigrants, it will raise serious constitutional questions on judicial review of government designation of certain groups, and it bars humanitarian relief for individuals, in violation of international treaties.” 2016 Elections, Candidates views, Chuck Schumer, Civil rights, Congress, DACA, Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, Democrats, Executive branch, Human Rights, ICE, Immigration and Customs Enforcement, Legislation, Nancy Pelosi, Politics, Race, Republicans, Sen.

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